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In describing the thickness of protec- tive metallic films deposited to protect modern razor-blade edges ["How Sci- ence Gives You a New Edge on Shav- ing," Feb. Rather than congratulating "Sea- camper. Photos showing the cabin sujjerstructure a bit narrower than the eight-foot beam would suggest that the cabin is seven feet wide. Kenneth H. Moore, Troy, N. Thanks for setting our micro-inches and feet in order. Your shirt caddy is just right, except at the back.

I would not put a solid board there. A certain amount of dust and lint will come off the shirts and would pack up at the bottom of each pocket and could not get out. I would put in at least three slats instead of a solid board. Stephen J. Erst, Fort Wayne, Ind. The pump is an Oberdorfer B.

The pump must be cleaned in lacquer thinner to remove resin that has been pumped through it. Foot power vs. No smog device will remove them. There is simply too much combustion today— most of it in automobiles. Cars are being used for more and more short trips. This, in a country with an overweight problem which spend.

We should use bikes for short trips. Hamilton AFB, Calif. Apartment workshop woes Apartment-dwellers who like to work with wood and metal need your help. For some reason, those people down- stairs object to my hammering, sawing, and drilling. I'd like to be a good neighbor, but I'd al- so like to continue my shop work. Could PS, or its readers, offer noise-deaden- ing suggestions? New York, N. Want to get something off your chest? This is your first look at the real Vietnam air war.

You won't forget it! Jack Broughton, U. Air Force from the doy he received his wings until his retirement in September of last year. He flew combat missions in his career, including against North Vietnam. The routine was pretty consistent: It was in and around Thud Ridge that the most violent air war n history was fought. The story is told "just as it happened" — transcrilied from a cockpit ape recorder that Jack Broughton kept running, while in contact with ;he enemy. The Migs were fast, maneuverable, beautifully engineered aircraft — and they would have really done us in, except for the fact that the Mig drivers were lousy pilots.

The author tells how it is to watch a "Sam" being launched at you from the ground And what it's like to come in at tree top evel, afterburners "plugged in", knowing that the farmers shooting at you vith hand guns might hit a critically weak spot on the Hiud. The procedure itself is spine- ingling: It seems that Leo, who was driving a Weasel a Thud specially equipped o hunt Sam launching sites got tapped. He made a successful ejection, ind his battery beeper told a skyful of Thuds and Phantoms approximately vhere he was.

Everybody knew that the North Viets were pressing through the jungle 11 around Leo, and the name of the game was "Let's get to Leo first. Radio problems developed - and then refueling leadaches. Worst of all, the Spad driver couldn't seem to pinpoint Leo. Our birds were ordered home when Leo's rescue was Imost in the bag.

Broughton tried for four days to get Leo out.

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Broughton sked for Leo's voice and he got a prompt response — with an oriental ccent. The mission was finished. Then there's the story about the Thud driver who took a hit in his hy- Iraulic system in the middle of a sky full of Migs. He knew his buddies vould slow down to keep him inside of their defense envelope - even hough this would make them sitting ducks. So he dropped the external anks that would slow him down and turned his sick bird right into the niddle of an entire Mig flight. Nothing scares a Mig driver more than the bought of a midair collision — and they scattered like rabbits.

Broughton has wrung every ounce of Irama, excitement, emotion and surprise out of that insane air war, he ives you the last page of his story. There are many other membership benefits too: And special services and activities for members — prints and posters — extra free books such as the one offered with membership in thU announcement. Come fly with us! If you don't want it or prefer one of the many Alternates you instruct us accordingly by using a handy form always pro- vided.

If not delighted when your first selection arrives, just re- turn it. We'll cancel your trial membership and you can forget the whole thing! Denver, Colorado O. I underitond that I will hove oil rights ond privileges of Membership: I con buy books, mops, wall prints, etc. I need buy only 4 Selections over the next 34 months after which I om free to resign any time. I understand I will receive a Free sub.

If I don't want it or prefer on Alternate. I will say so on o handy form you always provide. When these experts talk, it pays to listen. Yet I've never seen one fail.

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They stay sealed de-; spite extremes in heat and pressure. But you're tougher," says Jim McGee. Then you speed up, and those depose its splash around and heat bakes them onto the plug tips. You get shorts. Lose power. Waste gas. Autolite orig-j inated spark plugs that clean themselves. Fouling deposits are burned off before they get a chance to build up, "You got clean plugs, buddy, you got max power.

They pass the toughest test in racing. And the toughest test there is. Your kind of driving. Wouldn't you like to keep that money for yourself? Well, now you can. As a "do-it-yourselfer," chances are you al- ready have considerable skill with tools The most difficult jobs will soon bccomt easy Before you know it, you'll be able to fix car engine troubles You'll learn how to get professional results in your carpentry, i metalwork, plumbing, masonry, wiring, elec- tronics, car repair, painting, decorating As soon as your gift book comes, browse through it-try some of the exciting ideas- use some of the dollar-saving tips.

But this first volume Is yours as an outright gift-whether you buy one, two, five, the whole set, or none at all. But please hurry. Our supply of gift volumes is definitely limited. To be sure of getting your copy FREE, mail the coupon today. Popular Ivlechanics Book Division, Dept.

I'm not obliged to buy anything-now or later-but am entitled to receive additional volumes including future Yearbooks , on approval as publistied each month. I reserve the right to cancel any lime-without obligation. Whatever I decide, Volume 1 is mine to keep free! Name Pleoe PriDl Address. Canadian residents please mail the coupon to New York address.

Shipment of books and all services will be handled within Canada. Objective is to build engines that will operate on low-octane lead-free-sasoline. That will enable them to run on the octane lead-free gasoline that petroleum companies will market later this year. GU will change all its '71 engines to run on regular fuel, and Ford and Chrysler will follow.

Chevrolet will have four different models of the XP next September. Chevy will modify the new cu. West Coast-bound XP cars will he shipped on closed railroad cars, using the Verta-Pak system developed by GM and Southern Pacific that carries the cars stacked on their noses. At least eight separate changes were made in fluid- holding areas of the XP to prevent spillage while the cars are on end. A check valve in the carburetor prevents gas leakage; the oil-filler tube is set at the rear of the engine; the radiator over- flow is blocked; windshield-washer bot- tles are sealed at the top; baffles in the engine prevent oil from gathering at the front bearing and in the front of the cam cover; the differential is also baffled and the transmission filler tube reshaped to retain oil.

In addition, soaring insur- ance rates due to vandalism and theft are expected to nosedive for cars shipped on Verta-Pak trains. Chrysler's mini-compact car will be de- layed six months as part of an overall spending-cutback program.

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Another rea- son for the delay, according to unofficial sources, was indecision on the part of Chrysler officials over possible last-min- ute changes in the mini-car. Beat in- formation now says that the car will be introduced in the fall of The extra delay will add to Chrysler's disadvan- taged position in the mini-car field, since GM and Ford will have models on the market a whole year earlier. American Motors' Gremlin has an month jump on the car. Chrysler is expected to use its cu. The car chassis will be a derivative of the Valiant, and one possible body style is a three-door design with a rear-facing back seat.

That would add a "doorgate" of some type. The heavy rubber bumper pioneered by Pontiac will be used by both Ford and Chrysler on some of their sporty models next year. In additionryou will see more use of thin rubber coatings over the un- chromed steel bumper as the automakers move to reduce corrosion and low-speed collision damage. Eventually, the rubber bumpers will be used with special shock- absorbing systems that will withstand collisions up to 10 mph without extensive; body damage.

In the impact-absorbing design, bumpers must extend at least sixj inches out from sheet metal. They re- tract without touching the fenders or hood for this distance, absorbing the col- lision forces before the sheet metal is hit. GM plans to consolidate engine programs to reduce duplication. Eventually, the company plans to build engines at one division, then distribute them to the oth- ers. Pontiac, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, and Buick have duplication in the , and cu.

Cur- rently, Chevrolet builds all six-cylinder engines for the corporation, supplying Pontiac Tempest, Oldsmobile F, and Buick Skylark as well as its own Chevelle and Nova. Under the proposed plan, the other divisions might be similarly as- signed responsibility for designing and producing one V8 engine size each.

GM asked engine-building equipment sup- pliers to submit bids for new engine man- ufacturing lines that would be needed under such a plan. Tire companies in the U. Its use is expect, ed to spread here in coming years for twc reasons: S cars 2 New machinery to automate radial-tire construction is on order anc suitable steel cord will be available Goodyear has started a new wire plan in Europe to supply its needs.

Detroit Editor Cl Revolutionist. This Atlas fiberglass belted tire will change your ideas about mileage- you'll get more than you thought possible. Put through one of the industry's toughest testing pro- grams, it delivered mileage that ex- ceeded all expectations. New construction puts Atlas ahead. Two fiberglass belts ore bonded onto a tough Vicron polyester cord body And for traction, the unique wide tread design literally puts hundreds of gripping edges on the road at all times.

All these features add up to a tire that gives you less tread squirm, extra mileage. Get the new Atlas Plycron 2 plus 2 It represents the new order in driving economy. And remember. Atlas batteries and ac- cessories as well as tires are sold at over 50, leading service stations.

The guides— ultrathin glass or crystal strips deposited on glass— act like mirrored tunnels to bend laser light around fairly sharp curves. Developed at Bell Labs, the lightguides will be used in laser com- munication systems. How do you play pick-up-sticks with thou- sands of delicate electronic components? The problem for Western Electric engi- neers was a serious one, for the tooth- pick-like diodes shown had not only to be picked up, but sorted in a neat and orderly arrangement, all without damag- ing them.

The solution is pictured here. In the top photo, a jumble of diodes have been placed in a container whose walls are strongly magnetized. An operator then moves a magnetic bin into the con- tainer, and the diodes jump into individ- ual notches in the bin, where they are held by tiny magnets. Each bin holds 1, diodes bottom photo. Now the components can be loaded into soldering machines without damaging their deli- cate leads.

Lose an island lately? Oceanographers of Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory report that the South Atlantic island of Tristan da Cunha is one mile south and one mile west of where it appears on all modern maps and charts. The voyagers turned up the error— a grave one because of the dangerous shoals close by— by means of the Navy's earth satellite navigation system, which enables a special receiver- computer aboard ship to plot a point on the open ocean to an accuracy of feet. Cities may trigger their own snowstorms.

Last winter, scientists experimented with cloud-seeding techniques to disrupt the paralyzing snowfalls that plague Buf- falo, N. Their observations led to the tentative theory, as reported by ESSA the En- vironmental Science Services Adminis- tration that a big city like Buffalo produces snow much as heavy cloud seeding does. The mechanism might rely on heat rising by convection from the normally warmer city, and even on city-bred dust particles, which could act like seed pellets. A super sniffer to detect bombs on airliners has been developed for the Federal Avia- tion Administration.

The "artificial nose," as it is sometimes called, took shape under the direction of Dr. The Institute has recommended that it design a version that could he mass-produced in a year. It can detect an explosive's odor— that is, the vapor it gives off— even if the vapor forms only one billionth of the air volume the analyzer is sampling.

If it picks up a suspicious scent from anywhere in the cargo or passenger areas of the plane, the nose flashes a signal probably red to the crew. Golf balls in a wind tunnel? That's a long way from the eighteenth green. But it's right on the pin for researchers at Uni- royal, Inc. They're trying to learn more about the flight of a golf ball and what actually happens to the pesky pellet dur- ing the five ten-thousandths of a second it takes a club to launch it.

The aim, ac- cording to Uniroyal, is to "clear up the old wives' tales, mysteries, and witch- craft," about golf-ball flight and to "un- derstand completely what the golf ball does down to the last decimal point. A spokesman says, ] "We have already tested surfaces that give improved performances within the limits set by the USGA. A nuclear-age building material, long under development, seems ready to make its i weight felt. NRI TV Servicing course includes the only custom color or black and white sets totally engineered for training.

As you build, stage- by -stage, you grasp a professional understanding of all circuits through demonstrations. Equipment you get includes your own watt transmitter suitable for use on the meter amateur band. You must pass or money back. As you learn, you actually build and use electronic devices, including digital computer circuits which you program to solve simple problems. Choose from several specialized courses. Get practical experience with professional tester you get included at no extra cost. Learn to fix large and small appliances, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, farm equipment, commercial units, power tools, small gasoline engines.

Step up your income as a skilled technician Learn the Electronics field of your choice the practical, "hands on" NRI way. And you'll read how you can get into the exciting field of broadcasting or in a top- pay position in the electronics industry. NRI Equipment Gives You Priceless Confidence NRI gives you a choice of 15 training plans, ranging from short courses in selected areas of Electronics to com- plete training that begins with basic fundamentals and includes custom-engineered training equipment that trains your hands as well as your head.

For example, NRI is the only school oifering home education in Color TV Servicing that includes a color set totally engineered for training purposes. You learn by doing, demonstrating things you read about in "bite-size" texts as you build and use professional equipment. Electronics comes alive in a unique, fascinating, easy-to-understand way. In Color TV, the end product is your own high quality set, yours to keep for years of viewing pleasure. Train with the leader Tens of thousands of nri graduates are proof it is practical to train at home in your spare time. Decide now to acquire the skills of the seventies.

No salesman will call. I have checked the field s of interest to me. Please print. Make Your Own Hours. Earn More Money — Right Off! Rigfit AT HOME — in spare time — You alone or you and your husband together can get more out of life — develop your skills for big lifetime earnings. It's quick and easy. Start at ho. Big 32 page Book shows 3Z easy ways to make money at home. Veteran approved. LKensed State of N. Upholttery Trades School. Sill I Little Fills.

New Jersw Slate Zip Yes, whether it's your car's transmission, a sabre saw, or turbo jet engines, this book tells and shows witli nearly illustrations! Pushbutton grass trimming Cordless Electric Shear This ounce beauty cuts grass anywhere— under fences, against walls, around trees, with either hand— four times faster than manually.

Teflon-S coated blades are self-sharpening. Body is tough plastic. Permanent nickel- cadmium batteries recharge over- night. A single charge will trim around a baseball field, or about an hour in the yard. Price includes recharger and wall bracket. Another innovation by Disston, leader in quality cutting tools for over years. Most of the basic re- search on the material has been per- formed at the Atomic Energy Conmiis- sion's Brookhaven National Laboratory. Recently, Meyer Steinberg, a chemical engineer there, announced that the con- crete-polymer is now being tested for pipelines, pavements, and home con- struction.

He predicted that plasticized concrete building blocks might be com- mercially available in two or three years. Advantages of the new material over con- ventional concrete include a fourfold increase in tensile strength, almost com- plete impermeability to water, better bonding to steel, and increased resistance to damage resulting from freezing and thawing. The unit, which supplies enough "atmosphere" for one man, is composed of a stack of nine electrolysis cells. These generate both oxygen and nitrogen by electrolyzing water and hy- drazine, a common rocket fuel.

If the units prove successful in tests, systems designed to provide atmosphere for crews up to 12 men could be built. Why supply both oxygen and nitro- gen? Many scientists recommend this two-gas combination because diluting the oxygen reduces the fire hazard, and be- cause breathing something that at least resembles air may be an important mo- rale booster for men on long missions.

Lead pollution of the atmosphere is ap- proaching a jjoint of genuine peril in some American cities. That is the con- clusion of a geochemist who recently completed a detailed three-year analysis of the lead content of the air over the San Diego area. Tsaihwa J. The concentra- tion runs high on those winter days when a temperature inversion stifles normal atmospheric circulation.

The alarming thing. Chow noted, is that the lead level has been increasing at the rate of five percent a year. He added that an analysis of the atmospheric lead showed it was identical to the kind of lead used as a gasoline additive to prevent engine knocking. So great is the demand for programmers, you'll have your choice of openings, with a growing future ahead. For the vast majority of good positions, a high school education, a logical mind and the right preparation are all that are required. LaSalle, world leader in home education, will train you as a programmer in your spare time.

Why not plan for bigger success in the field where employers are looking for you? Authoritks agree that for many years to come there will be more openings in computer programming than people to fill them! Without leaving your present position, you can start your training now — at very low cost. You can study at home, in hours of your own choosing.

Experienced LaSalle instructors will guide you by mail every step of the way. Industry experts say this is the most thorough course of its kind that they have seen. The ease and rapidity with which you learn will surprise you. Dearborn Street, Dept.

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Address Apt. State Zip No. This one's made by Stratford Fabricating Co. It requires no sew- ing of the tent, no welding of chassis. Blazing a trail for ATVs. The Ponn. Autos and trucks are prohibited. At the same time, the Department issued rules to protect the park and wildlife so that the land will not be ruined for other recreational pur- poses. Why not nudge your own state to create such trails, too? Fire-slarting is easy with the Redi-Fire Kit. It has a treated igniter and matches, starts even damp wood in a minute.

Skyline Trail, W. Really want to get away from it all? Then you might be interested in trips spon- sored by the Wilderness Society. In all, they offer 67 trips this year. You can get applications and complete informa- tion from the Society's office at E. Jewell Ave. For beauty. Winnebago, largest manu- facturer of motor homes, recently aban- doned billboard advertising because it doesn't want to create eyesores.

Winnebago is also launching a cam- paign to get all of its dealers to install sanitary disposal stations. There's a big shortage of these dumping stations and the number of self-contained camper units they service is growing fast.

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A new automatic self-priming pump de- signed for RVs, which starts without spitting and runs without pulsating, is being offered by The Coleman Co. The model MOP pumps three gallons per minute and has a cut-off to stop pumping after water is exhausted. Snowmobile need a new track? You might try the FasTrac. This incorpo- rates a spare-tire concept for snowmo- bile tracks— it's designed so that you can replace links within 20 minutes, even on the trail. It's available for all popular inch tracked snowmobiles.

From Molded Products Co. New electric level indicator that mounts on the front of your trailer tells you— without leaving the car— if you're level.

/17 Blaine Community Resource & Residents Guide by City of Blaine - Issuu

Your car's brake lights activate the gadget, which registers in your rear- view mirror. Available from L. Bran- void, Simpson Ave. Hollywood, Calif. New Anker tent pegs have a unique design that its maker claims will dig in under strain that pulls ordinary stakes out. They're made by Pathfinder Camp- ing Products Ltd.

Things to write for. Irving, 1 Johnson Rd. The Recreational Vehicle Year- book contains a treasure chest of in- formation about RV standards, camping vehicles, and where you can use them. Des Plaines, A big catch is Sears Fisherman's Catalog.

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You can get a copy of this page publication by writing Sears, Roe- buck and Co. Ho- man Ave. Hot stuff. Cooking and fires are always an important part of camping. Here are new items to make this chore easier: The Grill- Master is a charcoal grill that can be started in five minutes with- out lighter fluid or other aids.

You need only eight sheets of newspaper to get it going. Bean, Freeport, Me. Campers Cook-All bakes, boils, broils, fries, barbecues, smokecooks, or roasts. It can even be used as a space heater. This handy stove, which uses charcoal briquettes or wood, folds into two flat packs for easy carrying. Box , Bantam, Conn. Camp laundry. Some problem-solvers are ' made by the Kendall Fiber Products Co. These disposable linens are non-woven rayon which can be used for up to a week, then thrown away. Kendall makes twin and double ji bed sheets and sleeping-bag liners.

Make driving a pleasure again. Dclco's "Genetron Gas Filled Cushion" eliminates aeration and foaming of the fluid as it takes the place of air inside the reservoir. This smooths out the action and the ride. Low Pressure Multi-Lip seal keeps hydraulic fluid in, dirt out. Assures quiet low-friction action. Nylon-skirted piston travels freely along the mirror-finished cylinder wall. Eliminates mctal-to-metal contact and provides more positive compression. Super-finished piston rod resists corrosion for long life and smooth operation. Induction-hardened carbon.

Because of demands on them, the Great Ones demand perfection in hand tools. S-K hand tools It's what you ex- pect from the experts who perfected the famous ratchet wrench. Packed in steel case: If you use tools, why not the best? You don't have to be a mechanic to need and use S-K tools.

That's because there is always a job around the house. If you can't think of one, the little woman will. Point is, why fuss and maybe cuss be- cause you want to do something else, when you can complete jobs in a jiffy with S-K tools? Yep, you can be the Great One at home.

Hold an S-K tool and you'll recognize why they're the choice of the Great Ones. Feels great. Made for your hand. Marvel- ous balance. Terrific leverage. You couldn't get a sweeter hand-holding tool for love or money. Best of all, you can get them now for less money. Lots less during our Great Ones Sale. Be proud of your profession. Display this colorful 5" X 7" decal. We'll also send you an illustrated catalog free. Machined to micro- tolerances to assure precision jaw operation. IHighly polished nickel chrome faces.

Cushion grip, green vinyl handles.

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If it detects the threat of a collision, it activates an illuminated display in the cockpit that tells the pilot what evasive action to take. Approval of the McDonnell-Douglas system's use by commercial airliners is expected later this year. It works like this: The EROS radio transmitter on a plane continuously broadcasts an identification number and the plane's altitude. Simultaneously, it receives the broadcasts of every other EROS-equipped plane within range. If an EROS unit receives the signal of another plane at the same altitude as itself, it calculates the clos- ing rate of speed of the two planes, and, if collision threat- ens, sounds a loud beeper and lights up a "climb" or "dive" arrow on the pilot's rate-of-climb indicator.

What makes EROS remarkable is its ability to repeat complete cycles of communication, interpretation, and display every three seconds for up to 2, aircraft. A crystal oscillator, capable of keeping time to within two- tenths of a microsecond, makes it possible. Every three. Lighted bars on the bottom ol iho diving pilot's rale-of-climb indicator warn him to descend slowly boe ausc of air Iraltic below. By comparing the arrival time of another plane's signal with its own time reference, an EROS unit determines the other plane's distance away.

To avoid causing a collision, EROS warns the diving pilot if there is an aircraft below him photo at right, above. EROS also sounds off if two planes at the same altitude fly within IV2 miles of one another, regardless of their closing raie. Why become a member? Thank you for sharing! Please continue to visit saveon. Crestview Cadillac Rochester , MI We have received your information, and you should be receiving a quote soon! We recommomend Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Sign In Sign Up.

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View Business. Contact Dealer First Name. Last Name. Phone Number. We are submitting your request for a quote, this may take a moment! My hair was white with macaroni and …. I've been coming her a long time. They have many experienced stylists and low turn over. Great colors and friendly service! Ashley has left. I know many other people are looking for her as I was Website Directions More Info.