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Verify terms and availability with Cox Communications.

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In addition to offering cable internet, Cox also offers cable TV and home phone through their hybrid fiber network in Arizona, California, Virginia, and 15 other states. On this page you'll find the latest Cox internet and bundle deals we've collected and information about current promotions.

The actual speeds and prices offered may by Cox vary based on location. However, there are a few universal guidelines you should keep in mind when comparing Cox internet plans:. Cable is one of the most common ways to deliver internet service in the US. Fiber is the fastest Internet technology available, transmitting data through light. Cable plans like Cox internet are delivered through the coaxial cables that hook up to your TV.

Cable is the second fastest internet technology, and is much more widespread than fiber, making it a more realistic pick for the majority of users. DSL is the slowest of the three modern connections. DSL is widely available to rural users due to data transmission over existing phone lines, but the maximum speeds are much lower than cable. DSL does have an advantage in reliability, however, and your speeds will be slower yet very consistent.

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Overall, Cox offers quick speeds with average reliability, and their plans should be more than sufficient for the majority of users. You can often save quite a bit of money by opting for streamed content rather than traditional TV, and you can enjoy the content you love whenever you want it — and oftentimes without commercials. Cox puts a 1TB data limit on residential internet customers. This is common, and other major cable providers like Xfinity use the same tactic.

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However, large households with heavy streaming habits should consider unlimited internet plans in their area. One issue with cord cutting, however, is that it requires a decently fast connection.

Cox internet plans are advertised by download rate. Download rate is measured in Mbps Megabits per Second. To put it in simpler terms, the entry level Cox plan would allow you to download a standard-length high-definition movie in a little under an hour. All other marks are the property of their respective owners.

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Low prices. And so much more. Showing prices for Services are subject to all applicable Frontier terms and conditions. Select Plan. Call now to order Click now to order Order Online. Order Online.

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Discover what Frontier can do for you What else can you get with Frontier Communications? Call now to order. Call to Order! What Frontier Internet speed do I need? Frontier Fios plans offer symmetrical speeds that are comparable to Google Fiber or Verizon Fios in terms of quality. With how expensive TV packages have become, a lot of people are ditching their traditional TV service in favor of a number of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. However, streaming requires a relatively fast internet connection to ensure your shows play without any buffering.

Netflix recommends a speed of at least 5 Megabits per second Mbps for streaming. This number refers to the rate of data transmission, but it can be difficult to get a sense of how fast these Internet plans actually are.

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For a real-life comparison, consider that a 5 Mbps connection will download an HD movie of average length in around two hours. Frontier FIOS offers plans of up to Mbps in select areas, which would download the same movie in around one minute. A large portion of the country rents their homes. Many renters and students are looking for an Internet service that will work with them. While the prices are competitive, the best prices often require a two-year contract, which may not be feasible for renters or students.

If you cancel early, you have to pay a percentage of the remainder of your contract.

Depending on your location, Frontier Communications offers two different types of internet service. DSL does have an advantage over competitors in terms of reliability, however. Frontier FIOS uses a Fiber Optic network in which data is transmitted through light that bounces between glass or plastic rods. Light moves very quickly, and so will your internet connection on this cutting-edge technology.